Why volunteer with SimPortal?

  • Work with surgeons, anesthesiologists, physicians, and Ph.D. educators to assist with the training for medical students, residents, and physicians.
  • Learn about High Fidelity Human Patient Simulators, Virtual Reality Simulators, and cutting edge simulator design with SimPORTAL and industry partners.
  • Great experience for high school students, general undergraduate students, pre-medicine, nursing, engineering, physiology, pharmacy, or IT students!
  • Flexible scheduling that works around your class schedule.

Become a volunteer

Gain exposure to the professional fields of medicine and medical simulation technology

We are looking for volunteers with either a medical interest or a technical/engineering interest.

  • For those interested in medicine, coursework in biology, social sciences, anatomy or physiology would be helpful.
  • For those with more a an interest in the technical side of SimPORTAL, coursework in math, physics, computer science or engineering would be useful.

EMMD airway prep 2

How to volunteer with SimPORTAL

If you are interested in volunteering in SimPORTAL, please fill out an information and interest form. This Google form must be completed. After the form has been submitted you will be contacted directly by SimPORTAL staff.

The University also requires that all volunteers complete the Volunteer Researcher Agreement and Release form. Before any volunteer activities are started, you will review this with SimPORTAL administrative staff. Some activities may also require completion of short online training courses.

Some volunteers may have the opportunity to observe medical procedures or shadow a physician. These activities require completion of the Medical School Observer Agreement.

For more information contact Nick Newman at (612) 624-7467 or by email.