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SimPORTAL’s goal is to provide the coordination and implementation of activities of the diverse simulation needs of faculty, staff and students within University of Minnesota, it’s health care system and its external partners.

SimPORTAL provides a single point of contact and expertise to ensure the success of the educational activity. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality learning opportunities for our course participants. In all of our simulation programs, we emphasize the need for maximal patient safety, whether during resuscitations, performance of procedures, or during day-to-day routine operations. Our faculty and instructors have won many awards for their teaching abilities and innovations in educational techniques and have been promoted through their scholarly work done in partnership with SimPORTAL.

Train-the-trainer workshops

Demonstration at SimPortalWe will work with your simulation faculty and instructors to ensure they are prepared to deliver the best educational experience as possible. Our training covers all aspects of design and delivery of simulation-based training. The workshop is designed for instructors who intend to use simulation in their educational activities.

While most of our courses will have a variety of health care providers as attendees, it’s important to teach the instructor components of a well-balanced debriefing process to ensure all attendees have an opportunity to provide feedback about the simulation experience. We have simulation technician experts who will ensure that the faculty and instructors have a solid foundation of functionality and useability of the simulators, task trainers, VR simulators and our physical models. 

Resources for faculty development

Course planning and implementation

We take a team approach to ensuring your educational activity meets your needs and those of your students.  After completing a Simulation Proposal, we will have our initial planning meeting to review the proposal, discuss educational needs and desired outcomes, review assessment tools, discuss set-up and equipment needs, and help determine which simulator, task trainer or physical models would work best for your training.   

We have experts to cover operations/implementation, scheduling, confederates, simulation technicians, AV/Video capture, assessment capture, physical model development or enhancements, and standardized patients/volunteers.

Disaster training events and high stressed trauma simulation

Disaster prep

Through our work with the Department of Defense, US Embassy, Army Research Laboratories and NorthMemorial Hospital, we have the expertise and knowledge to provide a high-stressed, realistic trauma training event that will have your learners asking for more! SimPORTAL has created a hybrid simulator that is extremely realistic and has assessment capabilities that can measure performance points that are critical in patient care and safety. Ask us how we can create this invaluable training experience for you!

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Enhanced simulation tools

Simulation tools at SimPortalDo you have a great idea of a low-cost, high fidelity model but you just don’t have all the expertise or services to get it to that next level? Or do you have a high fidelity simulator (physical or virtual) but you don’t have access to the subject matter experts? Let us help.

We have access to the world-renowned Medical Device Center, developers in College of Engineering, medical school faculty and educators, and the ability to bridge industry and professional societies all at our fingertips. Partnering with us to also assist in new product design, usability, verification or validation studies will provide credibility and assurance that the new technology has been vetted within the learner group.