Our team

Interim Director
Mojca Remskar Konia, MD, PhD, MACM
Residency Program Director
Vice Chair of Education
Department of Anesthesiology

Curriculum Assessment
Amy O'Neil, MD, MPH

Surgical Simulation Fellow
Marcos Molina, MD


Office Supervisor
Nick Newman

Simulation Specialist
Jonathan Chaika

Simulation Specialist
Jason Grafft

Assistant Simulation Technician
Alex Otto

Assistant Simulation Technician
Musse Hussein





Advisory Board

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a multidisciplinary group driven by an interest in simulation and curriculum development. It is comprised of deans, clinical chairs, senior hospital administration, a senior external industry advisor, the SimPORTAL Director and directors of the key collaborating centers that comprise the program. 

Primary role

  • Make broad strategic direction for SimPORTAL.
  • Provide financial oversight and approval of funding mechanisms.
  • Provide oversight of development and external relation endeavors.
  • Provide strategic programmatic direction.
  • Approve key SimPORTAL personnel (Directors) and committees.
  • Provide leadership to SimPORTAL to help gain a regional, national and international reputation.


Mark Rosenberg – Chair 
Mojca Konia– Co-Chair 
David Rothenberger - Surgery 
Bevan Yeuh - Otolaryngology 
Stephen Haines - Neurosurgery 
Badri Konety - Urology 
Debra Powell – Dean Emeritus 
Denis Clohisy - Orthopedics 
Wes Miller – Internal Medicine 
Joseph Clinton – Emergency Medicine 
Linda Carson – Obstetrics and Gynecology 
Joseph Neglia - Pediatrics 
Michael Wall - Anesthesiology 
Kathy Watson – UME 
John Andrews - GME 
Mia Mullens - CME 
Peter Mitsch - CFO 
Carolyn Wilson - Fairview 
Bobbi Daniels - UMP 
Connie Delaney - Nursing 

Clinical Directors

Clinical Directors

The Clinical Directors represent leaders from various departments that have a primary focus on a simulation specialty. The primary role of the Clinical Directors is to:

  • Participate in the CAC meeting(s)
  • Review new grant proposals for programs requesting SimPORTAL support
  • Work with triad to review new grant proposals within respective domains (curriculum/assessment, clinical faculty, operations)
  • Assist faculty with design and enhancements to curricula
  • Ensure integrity and integration across the courses, when applicable
  • Reports to SimPORTAL Director


Mojca Konia - Chair
Dan Schnobrich - Internal Medicine
Andrew Olson - Internal Medicine
James Harmon - Surgery
Mojca Konia- Anesthesiology
Danielle Hart - Emergency Medicine
Amy O’Neil- Emergency Medicine
Kari Roberts - Neonatology/Pediatrics
Melissa Brunsvold - Surgery

Curriculum and Assessment Council

Curriculum and Assessment Council

The Curriculum and Assessment Council is composed of selected people from across the Medical School who are focused on medical education. The Council serves the purposes of:

  • Making initial recommendations on new program proposals to SimPORTAL.
  • Provide review and feedback on programs in SimPORTAL.
  • Provide technical assistance in development of assessment metrics and performance criteria.
  • Collects data and assesses educational outcomes.
  • Reports to the Advisory Board


Mojca Konia - Chair
Michael Cullen - Curriculum
Mia Mullins, Continuing Professional Development
Suzanne A van den Hoogenhof - Assessment
Karyn Baum-Internal Medicine/Patient Safety
Jeff Chipman - Curriculum/Surgery
Jane Miller - Simulation Director
Kari Roberts - Neonatology/Pediatrics
Melissa Brunsvold - Surgery
James Harmon - Surgery
MaryAnn McNeil - Emergency Medicine
Danielle Hart - Emergency Medicine
Dan Schnobrich - Internal Medicine