About Us

SimPORTAL (Simulation PeriOperative Resource for Training and Learning) is the primary simulation training “portal,” or point of entry, for the procedurally oriented departments within the Medical School at the University of Minnesota.

Working on a simIt arranges for, or directly provides space, equipment, technical and logistical support for educational activities involving technical skills and team training via simulation.


Leaders and innovators in healthcare education, assessment, and research

We are leaders and innovators in healthcare education, assessment, and research utilizing simulation technology, with the goal of optimizing competency based learning, longitudinal outcomes, and patient safety. We offer:


  • Provide a customized simulation environment tailored to learner needs
  • Realize curricular objectives using simulation


  • Develop skills, knowledge, and competency using simulation technology
  • Standardized, simulator-based performance metrics

Community Outreach

  • Provide an access point for lay and professional audiences interested in healthcare simulation
  • Advocate the significance of healthcare simulation for improved patient safety within the community


  • Promote, support, and conduct data capture and analysis
  • Verification and validation of emerging simulation technologies