SimPORTAL develops more skillful doctors—who go on to provide unparalleled patient care. 
Simulation is leading the way to improved patient safety in unimaginable ways. New technologies are emerging every day. New techniques and tools are being crafted to enhance the realism of simulation. Assessment and outcomes using simulation are becoming the major scholarly work of faculty around the world.

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  • Realistic learning environment

    Realism is essential in simulation. We use realistic manikins, task trainers that replicate specific human functions, and actors who are referred to as Standardized Patients.

    The environment of our skills suites duplicate a real hospital inpatient, emergency and operating rooms, all of which are equipped with patient care equipment and technology. This detailed replication allows for full immersion into the simulation, setting such training apart from simple demonstration and practice learning.

  • Skill Development

    Insufficient training is one of the most distressing—and fixable—reasons behind medical errors. Advances in simulation technology and techniques are poised to stop these errors.

    Health care providers need practice to learn how to communicate effectively with their teams. They need to perfect technical and communication skills by practicing them on simulators that replicate what it's like to work on a human. They need to understand when and how to speak up when problems arise.

  • Teaching and Technology

    SimPORTAL faculty members train health care providers to give patients the best possible care while preventing medical errors. They also share the expertise they've gained over the years to teach doctors around the world how to build powerful simulation centers in their own medical institutions.

    The SimPORTAL Simulation Center has been accredited since 2007 by the American College of Surgeons Accredited Education Institutes.